Basic Info
Age Somewhere in the Millions
Birthday ???
Gender Bot
Species Cybertronian
Occupation ???
Affiliation Decepticons (formerly), Independant
Homeplanet Cybertron
Powers Two altmodes
Weapons Robot mode gun, Turret mode cannon, Tank mode cannon
Equipment None
Status Alive
Face Claim N/A
Series of Origin Cybertron
Player Nash
Bastion is a Cybertronian stranded on some faraway forest world. After a few millennia of nature walks and isolation, Bastion has managed to bury the less happy parts of his past deep enough to put out of his mind.

History Edit

Despite having two combat focused altmodes, Bastion was never overly keen on violence or combat. He much preferred to cross blades with someone by wit and dialogue. This, naturally, did not gel well with Cybertron's Functionist government.

So when that charismatic young fellow Megatron started speaking out against Nominus Prime's regime, Bastion was naturally drawn towards these fledgling "Decepticons". It wasn't long before Bastion had established a little radio broadcast. One where he challenged the Functionist regime not by blade and bullet, but by word and communication. He would frequently bring on guests from both sides of the debate to discuss them merits and setbacks of a Functionist society, and soon bots all around the planet knew Bastion's soothing, baritone voice the moment they heard it.

Personality Edit