"We have enough jerks in the world. Just by making it a point not to be one of them, you put yourself ahead of the game." -Emily, on her life philosophy

"Have I not destroyed my enemy when I have made him my friend?" -Abraham Lincoln

Emily Nash
Emily Profile
Basic Info
Age 20
Birthday May 5th
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Nurse, General wound treater
Affiliation Lost Light Rebellion
Homeplanet Erdezwei
Powers Compassion, knack for attracting romantic attention
Weapons Handgun, Ninjatō
Equipment "Ninja Suit", First aid kit
Status Active
Face Claim Hanako Ikezawa (Katawa Shoujo)
Series of Origin Fireteam
Player Nash

Emily Nash is a medical staffer aboard the Lost Light.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Emily grew up in the same household as her older brother, Logan. They didn't have much, but they lived comfortably. Emily's first medical experience came from watching her mother patch her big brother, Logan up after one of his many scraps and doing what mom did.

When the two got a little older, Emily's quiet, solitary nature made her a frequent target of the neighborhood bullies. Logan, naturally, wasn't having any of that and would look for any excuse to throw down with Emily's tormentors.

That sort of protection worked well for when they were smaller children, but as puberty kicked in, and children become smarter about their bullying, Emily's bullies chose tactics that left no marks or hard evidence. Reducing Emily's every attempt at help to a case of he-said-she-said. This sort of treatment only reinforced and deepened Emily's choice to keep to herself, to the point of any conversation getting her anxiety up.

Personality Edit

Years of hardship and hostility have taught Emily the importance of having and being a good friend. A lesson she applies in everything she does. Emily makes it a point to be as accepting and non-judgemental of strangers as she can, and friends often come to her to confide or seek advice.

However, one should not mistake Emily's kindness for weakness. that same hardship has taught Emily the importance of standing up for oneself, and filled her with enough painful past experience to fuel her in a confrontation.

As much as she would loathe to apply this knowledge for violence, Emily has also learned to handle a gun and a sword with confidence and proficiency. The sword in particular being a beloved hobby of hers.

Relationships Edit

Logan Nash - Big Brother

Elliot Granger - Best Friend