Basic Info
Age 945
Birthday 03/13
Gender Female
Species Kitsune
Occupation Shrine Maiden/Priestess
Affiliation Terra'su, Inari no Okami
Homeplanet Terra'su
Powers Shapeshifting, Pyromancy
Weapons Sword
Equipment ???
Status Alive
Face Claim drawn by Ganesagi
Series of Origin Original
Player Ivory
Inarinoko Shiroi, or in western order, Shiroi Inarison, is a partial incarnation of Inari No Okami, and the Mother of Inarison Joanne.

Personality Edit

Confident, maybe a little overbearing, and having a high view of faith, Shiroi does her best in the service of her gods. However, she abuses her status as both an Inarison, and a reincarnation of her distant ancestor, to make things seem more about her and to get what she wants. Given her habit of pointing out her origin, her daughter, Jo, would pick up the mocking phrase "Oh my Mom."

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Since a young age, Shiroi had been aware of not only her heritage as an Inarison, but of the fact she was part Inari herself. She had high expectations to live up to, and so she trained and studied every day consistently to rise up through the ranks as a shrine maiden and Inari Priestess. She attempted to become the Myobu of fire, but, much to her shock, the flamestone rejected her. Instead of continuing to pursue that goal, she simply dedicated her life to being the best priestess she could be.

Approximately 218 years ago Edit

After meeting, and eventually wedding, a kitsune man named Shigeru, the two would have a child named Inarinoko Joanne, after someone whom had saved Shiroi's life in the past.

Much to the chagrin of Shiroi, Shigeru and her divorced after four years, Shigeru reconciling with his prior wife and having another child, Naomi. To help him and her mother raise the children, Shigeru's oldest, Meum, already 230 at the time, moved back in to help.

Raising Jo Edit

Half of Jo's life was spent with her Father, and half of it was with her Mother, Shiroi. Shiroi pushed Jo harder and harder to try to study pyromancy and to become a shrine maiden and eventually the Myobu, and many of the other priests and priestesses had high hopes for Shiroi's daughter in this regard.

But with all the pressure, Jo wanted less and less to do with her Mother and less and less to do with the religious aspects of anything, let alone being myobu. but Shiroi kept pushing her and even nagging her even once Jo had moved out of either parents' home.

Shiroi felt that if she couldn't become myobu earlier on, then surly at least her daughter could.