Basic Info
Age over 7 million years old
Birthday N/A
Gender ???(Seems Male)
Species Cybertronian
Occupation Emperor
Affiliation Jupiter Empire
Homeplanet Cybertron
Powers Budding, flight, holographic interface, Adaptive armor
Weapons Energon Saber
Equipment Adaptive Armor
Status Alive
Face Claim Holomatter: George Clooney
Series of Origin Transformers
Player Ivory
Jhiaxus was once the elite Air Commander of Nova Prime's fleet, however after an attempted take over of cybertron, as well as Nova's death, Jhiaxus and the other transformers that took part in Nova's plan, including Straxus were banished from cybertron. Straxus and Jhiaxus would move onto larger things than their home planet, however, as they founded the Jupiter Empire.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Jhiaxus is a gifted and experienced military strategist, allowing him to come up with winning strategies even on the fly.
  • Due to his exposure to the Dead Universe and mutation that was guided by Nova Prime, Jhiaxus has the ability to "Bud" or, rather, create instantaneous, but short lived, clones of himself.
  • Adaptive Armor- by scanning another mechanoid with his holographic interface, he can take on a version of their form.

History Edit

While Jhiaxus had always had that cruel and sadistic glee in controlling and manipulating those he viewed bellow him, it never truly had its time to show until after the Cybertronian Air Commander and his troops became lost in the Dead Universe.

It'd be millenia later when he finally emerged, attempting to assist in Nova Prime's plot to recapture cybertron and to start converting other planets into cyberformed worlds. Ultimately however, Megatron killed Nova Prime, and the new Republic that rose on cybertron banished those who had attempted using their homeworld that way.


For Further info on this history and how Jhiaxus became emperor, see: Jupiter Empire.

Jhiaxus projects himself to the majority of his followers with a human appearance with grey hair and a graying beard, a stern and distinguished look, or at least Jhiaxus would like to think so.

Personality Edit

Cruel, Relentless, and Power hungry are three words to amply describe Jhiaxus. His ultimate craving is to not only rule over all forms of life, proving cybertronian dominance, but to make rise to a second generation of Transformers that would look to him as a god. While the Empire satisfies him for now, who knows when his thirst will grow and he'll pursue his true dream once again.