The Jupiter Empire is the main antagonistic force of The Lost Light: Rebellion

549px-Functionary insignia

Jupiter Empire Insignia, taken from the quickly defunct Functionist Council

The Jupiter Empire is an imperial force based on Jupiter that has quickly conquered much of the galaxy. Its leaders view all life as fuel for their dictatorship. The Empire is lead by Jhiaxus and Straxus. While Jhiaxus is lead by a thirst to conquer and a hunger for power, Straxus joins him for the pursuit of...less than ethical scientific pursuits.

History Edit

The Jupiter Empire actually has its roots on Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. When Jhiaxus and Straxus arrived on that world, they themselves having been banished from cybertron, they found a local indigenous group that worshiped the duo as gods. They took advantage of this and plundered the inside of Ganymede for resources and pushed its inhabitants into slave labor work building their forms of technology. Eventually they built cloud city on Jupiter itself, and from this base, the two would set out and conquer various other small civilizations, brainwashing those who didn't immediately bow before them as gods. Eventually their research and development advanced enough to get to the point where they'd be able to take legitimately developed planets under their reign, some even going under willingly due to wanting the strength of the empire on their side.

Around this time, they'd made deals with the Planet Trade Organization, to gain planets they conquered for a negotiated fee and in exchange for staying out of their region of space. However with the PTO in shatters and only remnants remaining, the Empire's starting to move in on their region of space.

Hiearchy Edit

  • Emperors- Jhiaxus and Straxus are the highest rule among the Jupiter Empire, and although their names are known very few in the modern version of the Empire know the true nature of their leaders as they usually use holomatter projectors to present themselves to the public.
  • Heralds- These are massive robots created by Straxus to perform initial attacks on a planet before the main Jupiterian Army forces move in. Has both "Gundams" piloted by loyal organic troops, and modified cybertronians among its ranks.
  • Viceroys- These are the people that the Jupiter Empire puts in charge of a planet once it's conquered or in the process of conquering, they report to the Emperors on the status of each of the planets and the Emperors communicate what they want from the planets that are under them.