Logan Nash
Basic Info
Age 20s
Birthday Mid-spring
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Auto Mechanic (former), "Douchebag dismantler"
Affiliation Lost Light Rebellion, NoxHound
Homeplanet Erdezwei
Powers Boundless, explosive rage
Weapons Box-fed combat shotgun, Crowbar, "Bowiechete"
Equipment Power Armor, jet/jump pack
Status Active
Face Claim Dastan (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time), Colin Macleod (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance), Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
Series of Origin Fireteam
Player Nash

Logan Nash is a professional insurgent currently fighting as a member of the Lost Light Rebellion.

History Edit

When Logan and his comrades had finally toppled the Bardonese Empire after 5 grueling years of guerilla warfare, it was supposed to end with "And they all lived happily ever after". Not "And they all lived happily for about a week before a pair of power hungry scrap heaps went and ruined it for everybody".

Feeling a rage that Logan had never thought possible, even after witnessing the depths of human suffering in the Cross-Ekonic War, Logan took for space. While his comrades fought the good fight back home, Logan wanted to ensure that NoxHound, his old unit, got to take the fight directly to the Jupiter Empire. At the same time, being able to go on the offensive against this new band of jackboots meant that Logan would be able to relay potentially life saving information to his friends back home.

Personality Edit

Logan is a hot-blooded, passionate warrior poet who fights out of a love for fighting. Outside of battle, he's quite friendly and cheerful to most anyone, especially those he considers his comrades. When the going gets rough, Logan will either attempt to talk someone down, or challenge them to a fight. Either way, expect to be offered a round of beer when all is said and done.

Despite his boisterous, chummy exterior, Logan takes his job with the Lost Light gravely serious. He's no stranger to the life-or-death weight that his freedom fighting activities carry with them, or the consequences of not respecting that gravity.

Relationships Edit

Members of NoxHound - Close Friends

Greater NoxHound (AKA Erdezwei resistance) - Fabled hero

Emily Nash - Little Sister

Gee Logan! How come your player lets you have THREE face claims? Edit

Because there aren't enough images of any of those three alone to have a full set.