The Myobu and Kizoku are a ruling caste in the Amaterasu System, the Myobu being the female term, while Kizoku serves as the male term. Each Myobu or Kizoku, of which there are 11, serves as the spiritual leader of the planet they're home to, and are considered master of the elemental magic they practice.

Myobu/Kizoku and the planets, and talisman's, they're associated with

  • Fire- Terra'su - Flamestone
  • Earth - Susa - Terra Ring
  • Mountain- Flowus - Geo Gauntlet
  • Wind- Medaro - Bansho Fan
  • Thunder- Terra'Raju - Raijinken
  • Forest- Drobion - Plant Pendant
  • Ocean- Tsuki - Seastone
  • River- Porwio - Bansho Paddle
  • Spirit- Pluton - Lens Obscura
  • Sound- Rhythmia - Pick of Destiny
  • Time- Terra'Ryu - Chrono Ring

Overview Edit

The Myobu and Kizoku were originally a plan by Izanagi to continue spreading his over all policy of protecting and spreading life through out the universe by granting elemental talismans of power to those he deemed worthy to do the job, said Talismans would contain their wielder's knowledge for future generations and a small portion of Izanagi's own soul.

But Over the Millenia, the cultures of the worlds began to see a sort of religious significance to this worthiness and began to set all sorts of religious beliefs and policies for the myobu and kizoku, making it into very much a sort of ceremonial position. Overtime, each species with an associated Myobu or Kizoku began to view the duty of said person as serving as a sort of religious symbol and defense of only their home planet, these beliefs were so wide spread that even deities, such as Inari, believed them to be true.

How a Myobu or Kizoku is chosen Edit

Generally, people from highly respected families or groups are brought to see if the Talisman deems them worthy and would bond with them, if the item bonds, that person is generally immediately ushered into the position, Ultimately though, the qualifications to be a myobu or kizoku are up to the elusive, enigmatic, and mostly unseen, Izanagi.