Basic Info
Age Over 5 Million Years Old
Birthday N/A
Gender Male
Species Transformer (Cybertronian)
Occupation Emperor, Chief Scientist
Affiliation Jupiter Empire
Homeplanet Cybertron
Powers Enhanced strength, transforming
Weapons Axe
Equipment Holomatter projectors
Status Alive
Face Claim Holomatter: Plague Doctor
Series of Origin Transformers
Player Ivory
Straxus is a brutal dictator and warlord that strived during the Great War, aside from his conquest and dictatorship, he used his civilians for cruel and unusual experiments. At heart, Straxus is but a scientist, a cruel, unusual, extremely violent scientist.

History Edit

During the Great War, Straxus ruled a colony world that he had dubbed "Darkmount", where he used his might to get the mechanoids and organics alike to serve his bidding. As a result he'd managed to perform several experimens, but on civilians, and on himself and his own soldiers.

Eventually, Hot Rod managed to destroy the palace on Darkmount, causing Straxus to flee back to the dying Cybertron.

It's unknown what Nova Prime offered Straxus to get the disposed tyrant to help him out during in his attempts to take cybertron, perhaps it was simply the thrill of experimenting on the core. Regardless, now Straxus is one of two emperors ruling over the Jupiter Empire.

When appearing to his public, the cybertronian scientist projects a holomatter avatar resembling a plague doctor.


Holomatter form